Our extensive experience in SAP projects gives us an overview at the height of our major competitors. For any need that requires a quality SAP project, we will be your trusted company.

We are able to quote you closed projects, evolutionary and corrective maintenance, as well as horizontal platform solutions.

While we specialize in Business Intelligence, we work with consultants from practically all SAP modules:

• SAP APO – Advanced Optimizer Plans
• SAP CO – Controlling
• SAP CRM – Customer Relationship Management
• SAP CS – Customer Service
• SAP CE – Environmental Compliance
• SAP EHS – Environment, Health and Safety
• SAP EWM – Warehouse Management
• SAP FI – Financial Accounting
• SAP FM – Fleet Management
• SAP FSCM – Financial Supply Chain Management
• SAP HR – Human Resources
• SAP IM – Investment Management
• SAP MM – Materials Management
• SAP PLM – Product Lifecycle Management
• SAP PM – Plant Maintenance
• SAP PP – Production Planning
• SAP PS – Project Systems
• SAP QM – Quality Management
• SAP RE – Real State
• SAP SCM – Supply Chain Management
• SAP SD – Sales and Distribution
• SAP SEM – Strategic Enterprise Management
• SAP SRM - Supplier Relationship Management
• SAP SM – Service Management
• SAP TR – Treasury

Business Intelligence

We are specialists in SAP BI, so everything related to your DataWarehouse can be trusted us. Any Planning tool, Reporting or maintenance and closed projects will be perfectly developed by our team of highly qualified professionals.

As experts in Business Intelligence, we have available the following specialized services:

• Audit your SAP Datawarehouse
• Analysis of impact and feasibility of the implementation of SAP Hana
• Migration of versions
• User Audit Roles
• Closed Projects Scope Specification
• Performance on your DataWarehouse
• Performance of Systems (SAP Basis)

In terms of resources, we have available the following profiles:

• SAP BW - Business Warehouse
•SAP BPC - Business Planning & Consolidation
•SAP BPS - Business Planning & Simulation
•SAP IP - Integrated Planning